Disease Management

117 million people in the US had one or more chronic health conditions and one of four adults had two or more chronic health conditions.
About 56.7 million people – 19 percent of the US population had a disability in 2011.
The socio-economic consequences of this situation make disease management a major challenge for the 21st century.
Disease management will be increasingly digital but cannot be just digital. We must combine the potential of e-health with the essential human side to make sense of care and life.
Whether you are a professional caregiver, a family caregiver, a nurse, or physician, helping and caring requires human skills which guide, direct, secures and compensates the burden of disease and disability.
The transmission of these skills and attitudes is a human challenge where “LVHS” is technologically engaged and humanly interested.


Living with a disability or a chronic disease is affecting more and more individuals for greater periods of time than in the past.

People with chronic diseases or disabilities want to be involved in the management of their ailments, seeking the best solutions for their individual situations.

Family, relatives, caregivers and health care providers involved in everyday life should have the opportunity to know and understand the disease, medications and their effects as well as all means and technology required to compensate and provide the best technical assistance and solutions that preserve the quality of life and life projects, despite these diseases and disabilities.

Training, assistance and monitoring solutions via the new digital technologies are a huge help in providing people better living with their chronic disease or disability.


There are many disease management markets.

These markets are related to all chronic disease with their specific needs in monitoring and support via the new technologies and associated services.

They are also related to all training markets in home care, Care institutions (CCRC’s, Adults Day…)

Their intended use, more and more is for caregivers, community or volunteers for their training in best practices and understanding of the disease.

They accomplish this by gathering all forms of medical institution and support services, patient associations, mutual help groups and individuals affected by various pathological conditions and/or disabilities.


New technologies associated with a humanistic approach can help individuals leverage and enhance the health of their loved one.

Health coaching is all about the transfer of knowledge, know-how and expertise via training or e-learning.

Health management also utilizes new technologies that facilitate the monitoring and achievement of daily care or activities of daily life.

Our approach

“Being humanly engaged and sharing our expertise and know-how to give the power to act and react on our health or on the health of your loved one”

Our team is mobilized around this approach particularly through partnerships and commitment in the following services:

Disease management for people with disabilities or illness in the context of special trip adapted to the life project of each one in partnership with travel agencies.

Training and e-learning for professional and family caregivers to improve your skills and attitude for elders and people with disabilities.
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