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75% of Americans report job stress.
Costs U.S. businesses $200-300 billion/year.
Healthcare costs double for workers who report stress.
Costs business $200-300 billion/year, half due to presenteeism: employees are at work, but impaired.

Assisting an individual or a group of people in the work place ... with the app Balance Stress Health.
Our preventive approach reduces the sources of stress in the company by assessing psychosocial risk factors; enhancing the quality of the management within the organization, the work environment, the social relations, the employee experience and the overall quality of life in the work place.
Preventing psychosocial risks and their health effects on individuals is a key factor to enhance the performance of an organization.
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  • Providing an individual approach as well as a collective approach in the work place
  • The app Balance Stress Health allows the implementation of both an individual and a collective prevention plan :
    • The employee is then empowered to realize a self-diagnosis and become part of a personal and collective commitment in a health maintenance plan.
    • The company benefits and can easily implement a collective approach aimed at improving their understanding of the corporate culture and any significant psychosocial risk factors.


In one’s professional life: preserving health capital and prevention of psychological risks
  • Observation and frequent measurements of all professional stressors and their impact on job performance
  • reduce absenteeism at work
  • Greater respect for regulations and safety in the workplace
  • Increase quality of life at work for employees
  • Improve work – life balance
  • Improve and preserve the company's image
  • Empower every employee to take action through preventive healthcare
  • Improve work performance


  • In less than 45 minutes, the app allows the employee to receive a diagnosis and provides a tailored individual prevention program.
  • The Display of results is immediate
  • An E-learning function facilitates the interpretation of results.
  • Each employee can identify their resistance to and level of personal and professional stressors, and can visualize the level of health impact due to their current life situation.
  • The app also allows the employee to follow the evolution and progress they make in real time

The app allows the company to frequently anonymously observe and measure professional stressors on the employees and their impact on job performance
  • This deployment is quick, inexpensive and may be regularly updated.
  • For employees with health risk factors or actively seeking to engage in a program of individual preventive healthcare, a hotline is provided for assistance.
  • The app is easy for deploy to all employees. It can be used on all types of devices.


LVHS offers:
  • The deployment of the app to all the employees with, depending on configuration and company business goals, a live conference program or a classroom training or e-learning support environment to ensure the best possible control of the potential use of this tool.
  • A comprehensive report of current psychosocial and risk factors within the company as well as frequent indicators that measure changes of PRF.
  • A preventive support platform for employees at risk, and for the employee wishing to be active in their health prevention plan and desire personalized advice from psychologists, nutritionists, sleep specialists and career management advisors at work.


The app is marketed to companies that engage in an active approach to prevention of psychosocial risks, desire research to improve the Quality of Life at work along with human and managerial performance.

The app is also marketed to occupational health services to facilitate the diagnostic approach by consulting occupational physicians and their teams.

The app is utilized in Canada and available in the United States among companies specializing in Employees Aid Plans.

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Better prevention of Psychosocial Risks
Decreased absenteeism
Longer life expectancy
Better Quality of Life at Work
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