• Facilitating the management of care pathways by offering healthcare professionals and their patients integrated and interoperable coordination and telemedicine solutions.
  • Enabling the coordination of networks of healthcare professionals
  • Ensuring the patient has constant access to the care services that make up their pathway
  • Offering an incentivized digital healthcare economic model to the healthcare industry


Private and public healthcare facilities, biology laboratories, healthcare professionals, medical imaging centres, pharmacists, care homes.


Based on each facility or healthcare network's development plan for telemedicine activities, we support healthcare professionals to help them organize ongoing management of therapeutic pathways using the best digital healthcare solutions on the market.

We use the hospital or healthcare professional network's web application platform as a foundation and integrate all the functionalities necessary to offer a fully interoperable solution that, in coordination with the patient, enables care workers to detect illnesses early, provide quick diagnoses, make referrals to specialists, make appointments for examinations and consultations, obtain personal medical file summaries, monitor personalized care plans, offer teleconsultation services, remotely monitor vital signs and the Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO), prescribe medication electronically and remotely guarantee the safe dispensation of medication.

Our affiliate SY-Noris (, whose objective is to consolidate regional and national networks of healthcare professionals around a pathology and a digital solution for coordination and telemedicine, enables us to offer solutions to networks of professionals that allow them to access structured data for collaborative and interoperable assessments.

Our procedures and solutions are fully in line with the objectives and roadmap of Ma santé 2022, a public health initiative launched by the French government.


We adapt our services to your existing digital project and computer system. Our solutions are modular and interoperable, and they meet all the technological requirements to be approved for future use in the French healthcare digital space and to be included in the digital services portal available to healthcare professionals.
Our team, which is made up of computer engineers and experts in the field of healthcare organization, advises, adapts and supports in the implementation of solutions required for each regional network of healthcare professionals who work together to provide care for pathological conditions.

The main functionalities of our coordination and telemedicine software solutions are:
  • Preventive detection and diagnostic monitoring of illnesses;
  • Help with patient referrals (directory containing a network of professionals for the diagnosis and management of pathological conditions, with online appointments);
  • Online prescriptions;
  • Management and monitoring of blood tests, until results are recorded in full as structural digital data in the electronic medical records.
  • Dashboard for therapeutic monitoring of the patient;
  • Assisted and shared monitoring of the Personalized Care Plan;
  • Therapeutic and preventive educational support tools;
  • Secure healthcare messaging system with emails and text messages set up according to notification or alert rules;
  • Safe and traceable dispensation of medication;
  • Teleconsultation and remote monitoring tools (questionnaires and Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) interface, online medical file interface for recording vital signs remotely, online video consultations).
Our own software solutions, or those that that we recommend for integrating into your system, are specifically adapted to the use and practices of regional networks of professionals, and in accordance with recommendations from learned societies, to enable global management of pathological conditions.

Through our affiliate SY-Noris (, which brings together healthcare professionals around a virtuous and collaborative business model and provides interoperable digital solutions, we currently routinely offer an integrated solution at a regional level for managing kidney disease (SY-Néphro) and another solution for cancer management (SY-Onco).
Universal solutions


The first digital healthcare solution for nephrology shared with and centred around the patient


THESS (THErapy Smart System) An online solution for monitoring patients and safely dispensing medication
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