From the medical perspective of the four Ps (Preventive, Predictive, Personalized and Participative), the best way to achieve the ideal outcome of a long healthy life and old age without loss of independence is to provide access to self-diagnosis and preventive digital applications for 360° healthcare assessment services and advice from prevention experts.


B2C networks of solutions and digital services for prevention and healthcare advice, companies involved in preventive healthcare and occupational health, preventive occupational healthcare professionals looking for technological support, insurers that offer preventive healthcare services, professionals who work to prevent loss of independence among elderly people.


Since 2008, our experience in healthcare software and our expertise in preventive occupational healthcare and preventing loss of independence has enabled us to develop a number of preventive assessment digital applications, in collaboration with an international network of expert advisors in preventive healthcare and health assessments.
This approach enables us to supply technological solutions throughout Europe and the United States that are recognized by patents or by their scientific innovations, with the support of an international community of experts and advisors in the marketing of digital preventive healthcare products and services.


Balance Stress Health ( is our most well-known and renowned solution at an international level. With more than 100,000 preventive assessments completed since 2011, its scientific relevance and diagnostic capability has been more than proven by all the professionals that use it.

Balance Stress Health is one of the rare applications that enables users to quantify stress factors (occupational and personal) and resistance factors (psychological, behavioral, cardiac, nutritional and sleep-related) to obtain a precise picture of the level of somatization and the risk of burnout. It perfectly quantifies and analyzes how all these factors interact to allow the application's AI to identify the most effective preventive actions for the person being assessed.

We adapt all of our solutions for our distribution partners so they can be incorporated into their portfolio of B2C or B2B preventive healthcare digital services, as well as the related support and advice services. Our network of partners is very extensive and includes preventive healthcare check-up clinics, biology laboratories for preventive assessments, doctors, psychologists, preventive healthcare experts, trainers and consultants for occupational preventive healthcare and large-scale distributors of goods and services.
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