There are more than 3 million people in France who have lost their independence, with 1.5 million of them suffering from a disability. As such, advice and support services outside of care facilities require methodological and technological tools that can guarantee a suitable and effective response to their compensation needs.


Disabled people and people who have lost their independence, as well as their carers, professionals or institutions who provide care and services to elderly or disabled people (the French pension office, home care services, medical social services, care home concierge services).


Our experience in healthcare software and our expertise in compensating for disabilities and loss of independence enables us to develop software that helps to assess needs and monitor the delivery of service packages. We offer our expertise in geriatric assessment to our partners and organize accessible holidays and trips.


Ema-Care ( is our solution for assessing the compensation needs for loss of independence and for monitoring the delivery of service packages. Ema-Care was patented in the United States in 2014 due to its innovative features, including its ease of use and the precision of its assessment method assisted by the software. EMA-Care is used in France by La Poste Group and CNAV Île de France.

Prev'Chutes ( An elderly person falling at home or in a care facility is too often the event that accelerates their loss of independence. Preventing the risk of falls at home or in a care facility involves more than just sensors, it first of all requires a multifactorial assessment (diet, environment, medication, mental health, cognitive capacities, continence, balance, strength and endurance) and the implementation of a prevention plan personalized according to the level of these risk factors and how they interact with each other. This medically recommended best practice standard is still too rarely applied in homes and care facilities in France. The main reason is that, without software support, the level of diagnostic analysis required is too time-consuming and complex to be implemented systematically. The Prev-chutes software allows this work to be carried out precisely and with full traceability, ensuring that the prescribed prevention plan is executed within 1 hour per person. Available in one version for care facilities and another for homes, Prev-chutes is a fall risk prevention tool that enables users to systematically and regularly perform these preventive actions that are so important for aging well.

Geriatric assessment at home. In order to deliver a package of services adapted to the needs of a person who is disabled or has suffered a loss of independence at home, it is best to first carry out a rigorous assessment of their needs with the involvement of the person in question as well as their family caregivers, using a methodology that is precise and collaborative. In addition to providing our Ema-care solution and our expertise in using it for home assessments, we also offer all users access to our national network of elderly home care assessors.

Accessible vacations and trips ( One of the best ways to compensate for disability and loss of independence is to give people autonomy and life plans, which is why our first activity in 2008 was to organize and offer accessible trips and vacations to fun locations and quality hotel complexes. This service offer is available through our accredited travel agency Accessible Vacations and Trips, which takes dozens of disabled people and people weakened by old age on vacation every year to locations in France, Spain, the United States, Canada and Morocco, providing them with all the assistance they need.
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