Technological Expertise

Since the release of our first eHealth application in 2013, at La Valériane we have continued developing and marketing our own applications while also working on other new projects alongside industry and healthcare partners. We are experts in the field of digital healthcare solutions designed for professionals and the public.

Robustness and reliability

Aware of the challenges faced by professionals within the medical field, La Valériane, with its 7 years of experience in the eHealth industry, relies on the robustness and reliability of its applications. Our team of specialist engineers has developed that is updated on a continual basis. This cutting-edge technical platform is based on robust technology and enables , so we can guarantee reliable and long-lasting solutions for our customers.

Hosted in a , all of our applications offer backup and recovery processes that are tailored to each customer.

Our automated testing procedures also verify that every application is when we offer it to our users and customers. If there is any issue, the user logs enable us to monitor our applications and react quickly to even the most minor of incidents.


Confidentiality and data integrity is of the utmost importance when processing healthcare and medical information.

It is for this reason that the protection of our users’ and customers’ data is a key priority for the teams at La Valériane. Issues related to the security and confidentiality of data are dealt with in the very earliest stages of our design processes, to ensure that we offer you .

In addition to complying with all the current security standards (encrypted passwords, secure HTTPS connection, fully customizable rights management for our users, automatic logout, protection against XSS and brute force attacks, etc.), :
All the data transferred between our servers are fully encrypted with a key authentication system
Our servers can only be accessed via a secure private network, and are hosted in a secure data center
To ensure the highest level of transparency, our servers and applications are regularly audited by an external service provider


When designing and developing eHealth or medical applications, it is important to bear in mind all to guarantee security and comply with individual rights.

As such, all of our applications are developed in accordance with technology industry best practices and are hosted in data centers with the required certifications. They are also (the French data protection authority) and .

In order to demonstrate the reliability of our organization and applications to our customers and to government authorities, La Valériane launched a in 2018 for all the key quality and development standards related to medical devices.
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