More and more medical studies continue to show that, for treatments that involve complex medications or a risk of complications, or for treatments that need to be properly monitored to ensure their effectiveness, sharing a digital solution with the patient that enables remote monitoring (Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO), biological monitoring and monitoring of vital signs) significantly reduces complications and unplanned hospitalizations. Treatment effectiveness is also significantly improved (-30% complications and 50% improvement in survival rates for cancer patients)

Patients who receive complex or high-risk oral treatments need to be constantly connected to prescribers or treatment providers and be able to receive immediate responses to potential complications or delicate situations that they may experience. They need to be “connected” to the expert decision that will ensure their safety.

The dispensation of highly toxic or expensive medications in blister packs or bottles has many disadvantages, such as non-aseptic handling, mixing with other medications, dosage errors, loss, wastage, environmental pollution and the potential for medication to be substituted by inappropriate alternatives. A solution that would offer packaging technology to avoid all these disadvantages would make the patient safer and give them peace of mind, and it would also provide cost savings for purchasers and offer the pharmaceutical industry improvements on the efficacy of their medications and a means to reduce their negative impact on the environment.


The objective of THESS (Therapy Smart System) is to integrate a digital remote monitoring solution for patient treatment with a device for packaging and dispensing medication in a way that is totally safe and remotely adjustable in real time, in accordance with the safety guidelines defined by the prescriber.



THESS is patented and in the process of being CE and FDA certified so it can be sold throughout Europe and USA by 2021. THESS is currently only available on an experimental basis for medical teams who would like to improve the support they offer to their patients receiving oral treatments at home; for CROs or pharmaceutical laboratories who want to follow protocols that comprehensively map out the monitoring of patients at home and the observation and collection of real life data; for pharmaceutical laboratories that would like to improve the therapeutic value of their medication in association with the THESS device; and for pharmacies that want to offer their customers the most comprehensive and easy to use technology for safely taking medication that the world has to offer.


Care facilities, CROs, pharmaceutical laboratories, pharmacies that dispense and sell medication in store or through mail order.

Organizations currently using and trialing THESS:

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