It is 3 times more likely for an elderly person to fall in a care home.
In France, there is an average of 1.4 falls per person per year in care homes,
6.2 falls per person per year in geriatric mental health facilities and
3.4 falls per person per year in aftercare and rehabilitation centers.

That is an average of 1 fall every 2 days in facilities with 80 beds.

According to recommendations from the French Agency for the Assessment and Quality of Social and Medical Social Services and Establishments (ANESM) in 2012 and the French Health Authority (HAS) in 2005, and in order to improve the quality of care, it is important to systematically assess the risk factors per person and establish a personalized prevention plan. It is also important to determine the events surrounding a fall, analyze them, put in place individual and collective corrective actions and produce the statistics required by the facility.

Unfortunately, without the assistance of business software, the individual and collective preventive actions will be poorly accepted, badly formalized, badly monitored, less effective and highly time-consuming.


  • It is designed to be used by any care home or facility that houses residents/patients at risk of falling.
  • It will reduce the rate of falls with complications within the first 6 months of being implemented in a care home by improving the professional practices that it promotes.
  • It ensures that every stage of the multifactorial preventive assessment process can be followed and allows an individual prevention plan to be developed in less than an hour, as required by the French Health Authority standard.
  • It can easily interface with the facility's information system, thus avoiding duplicate entries.
  • It guarantees compliance with standards and certification requirements related to processes for preventing the risk of falls and analyzing them when they occur.
  • It saves time in analysis, traceability and statistical monitoring.


Prev’Chutes standardizes and facilitates the medical and nursing assessment of 8 essential risk factors in the compliance of standards for assessments performed in care homes:
Dietary factor (MNA court) Environmental factor (NICE 2013
+ Victorian Quality Council 2004)
Medication factor
(iatrogenic risk)
Psychological and cognitive factor
(walking & talking, mini GDS, CDA)
Sensory and communication factor
(Snellen, whispering test)
Continence factor
(unipodal stance and orthostatic hypotension)
Balance factor Strength and endurance factor
It systematizes and facilitates the production of individual fall prevention plans in compliance with the latest standards and medical and nursing recommendations.

It promotes traceability of the execution, responsiveness and adjustment capacity of an individualized prevention plan.

It enables users to record and follow up on falls when they occur, so they can assess the quality of the facility's prevention practices and meet certification requirements.


Prev’Chutes is available in the form of an annual software license per facility or home prevention organization.

Implementation and training of professionals takes less than half a day

Hosting of healthcare data and compliance with GDPR and French CNIL certifications.

Maintenance included in the price of the license

Training and interface with existing software package(s) (based on specific quote)


  • Free trial:
    4 months with no commitment
  • Facility or organization
    with less than 100 people:
    €3,000 or €1,200 per year
  • Facility
    with more than 100 people:
    €4,500 or €1,700 per year
Half-day training for staff included in the price for the first year


Any care home, facility or professional organization that houses or supports people at risk of falls.
The solution is currently sold throughout France to a customer base of health professionals.

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