There are currently 1.5 million people in France who suffer from a loss of independence. The majority of them would like to remain at home for as long as they can, in conditions that are as safe and comfortable as possible.
All care providers, both from a preventive and curative perspective, encounter problems when coordinating their actions and producing mutually agreed care and support plans.

When it comes to coordinating the care of a dependent person at home, known by professionals as case management, the technology industry has yet to propose a genuine computer application for assessment purposes that is based on “scoring” algorithms and assistance in the interactive analysis of several risk factors. We therefore do not have access to a global view of the patient's situation in their environment that would help us to prescribe personal assistants, technical support and care that needs to be mobilized and coordinated.

Each service uses its own assessment tools and its own computer systems, which limits the sharing of information, a factor that is vital to enable all services to coordinate their actions and monitor the effectiveness of the support provided.

The EMA-Care application is designed to provide a solution to this challenge, based on a standardized method for assessment and the development of a global care and support plan.
It is based on the assessment matrix invented by Roland Sicard and Dr Jean-David Pillot, with supervision and advice from Prof. Hubert Blain, as part of their thesis work for the Diploma in Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology from the University of Montpellier 1.

The EMA-Care application can be used alongside other existing assessment methods or matrices in France (AGGIR, SMAF, PATHOS, IADL, MMSE, etc.), which individually are either too broad, too focused on one form of disability or too complex, thus often limiting their use to just medical experts and carers.


EMA-Care is a structuring tool that is simple to use, easy to access and offers the following:
  • Prevents loss of independence and its consequences
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of a care and support plan
  • Improves professional practices
  • Enables information to be shared between all parties (carers and support workers)
  • Prolongs the independence and quality of life of elderly or frail people
  • Provides a pragmatic solution to the challenges faced by an aging society.
EMA-Care brings together all carers, support workers and informal caregivers around the elderly person, in order to optimize the service provided, the welfare of the assisted person and the management of costs for the care and support plan.


Based on a standardized assessment method and the production of a global support and care plan, the EMA-Care application enables every organization providing assistance to an elderly person to establish an assessment that is precise, shared and mutually agreed, in order to optimize the quality, coordination and effectiveness of care and support services.
With an assessment focused on the 17 primary activities of daily life, the application takes into account the social, financial and environmental dimensions of the elderly person's circumstances in order to develop a multidimensional care plan.

The pedagogical approach enables the user, whether they are a professional or not, to easily access information and perform an assessment on the person's independence, thanks to a color-coded system.
Every assessment is recorded in a log, allowing users to measure the effectiveness of the established care and support plan.
The role and objectives of each carer are clearly identified and coordinated by one point of contact, known as a case manager. It brings together all those who care for the person, meaning care workers and family members, so they can all participate in providing care and sharing information with each other. The EMA-Care application has an internal messaging system and a notification system.
It can be used on any device (smartphone, tablet, computer) and each person has their own individual login details secured by a password, to ensure compliance with healthcare data protection regulations.
EMA-Care also contains various records (social situation, social life, environment and health), so users can access all information related to each assisted person from one place.

We have a home care expert phone platform where you can get advice from a gerontologist, nurses, a nutritionist, home care specialists, adapted physical activity experts and occupational therapists to help you develop an adapted care and support plan.


We have several different offers available. For private individuals:
  • A monthly subscription for accessing the application (on PC, tablet and smartphone). The subscription is made in the name of the monitored person. The monitored person then gives free access to their account to all the informal caregivers and professionals responsible for their care.
  • Access to our home care expert platform to assist in the development of a care and support plan. Advice services from our experts are either charged by subscription or by service.
For professionals, we offer the purchase of accounts in bulk, white label partnerships, interoperability with business software and the development of specific functionalities.


The application is available in France (EMA-Care) and the United States (EMA CARE) to a customer base of both private individuals and healthcare professionals: individual employers, healthcare professionals, home care agencies and networks, home care nursing services, insurers, provident fund and mutual insurance organizations, financiers (general councils, state pension bodies, etc.), call centers, retirement homes, care homes, partners operating within the Silver Economy, etc.

If you would like more information about EMA-Care
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Benefits of the solution
Allows the person to live at home for longer, in good health
Optimizes coordination between the various parties responsible for home care
Allows people to act and react to protect their health
Better quality of life at work
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