The impact of stress on our health, our wellbeing and our quality of life is an issue that concerns all of us.
Psychosocial risks have today become the most important risk in the workplace, and if effective action is not taken by companies, they can lead to absenteeism, musculoskeletal problems, poor performance and demotivation.
Stress is a natural mechanism that, if not managed properly by the individual, can accelerate the aging process and lead to health problems in the long term.
Preventive healthcare initiatives can be effective if they are based on developing knowledge of preventive healthcare in the individual or the workforce as a whole, providing a means for assessing or diagnosing risk factors and providing expert support throughout the duration of the preventive initiative. The best way to prevent the effects of stress on health is to offer each individual or the entire workforce preventive tools or approaches that are in line with these effectiveness guidelines.


The main objective of Balance Stress Health is to provide each individual with an application that will help them to understand stress mechanisms better, manage their sleep better, handle psychological approaches and stress attenuation behaviors better, and learn how diet and physical activity can protect against the effects of stress.
The second objective of Balance Stress Health is to offer each individual an application that will enable them to complete an occupational stress assessment based on scientifically approved questionnaires and criteria, providing an objective measurement of stress factors that they are exposed to, stress resistance factors and the level of impact that stress is having on their physical and mental health.
The third objective of Balance Stress Health is to provide unlimited access to prevention advice services either online, in person or via an expert call center, which can help individuals who are struggling with stress to recognize and take appropriate preventive action.

And the final objective of Balance Stress Health is to monitor stress factors and factors that could impact health throughout an entire company or within a group of individual customers of an insurance or services company, enabling collective preventive initiatives to better identify needs and assess their effectiveness on health impact indicators for the group.


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Balance Stress Health is available via a distribution partnership for insurers or companies that provide preventive healthcare services or support.
Balance Stress Health is available via a workplace preventive healthcare plan for companies that wish to offer their employees a personalized and efficient solution for preventing the effects of stress, and that would like to better consolidate their individual and collective prevention initiatives.
Balance Stress Health is very easy to roll out to a large number of employees and across a large international area (there are French, American, German and Quebecois versions), while complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The Balance Stress Health service works out to a cost of between €15 and €50 per employee per year (depending on the size of the company), and for this you will receive a service that includes assistance for implementing it throughout your company, an application that can be used by every employee, unlimited access to an expert support call center and a psychosocial risk monitoring and assessment report.

Balance Stress Health is also available in a Senior version for all those prevention specialists who provide support through workshops or preventive healthcare initiatives.

Balance Stress Health is also available as a B2C service from our service activation platform ( or via our B2C distribution partners.


Balance Stress Health is designed to be used by anyone worldwide.
Balance Stress Health has performed more than 100,000 assessments since it was first developed in 2011.
The largest market for Balance Stress Health is the workplace preventive healthcare market, which La Valériane works with directly in France, or via partners that offer the Balance Stress Health service under their own brand.

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