Founded in 2008 by the hospital director and gerontologist Roland Sicard, La Valériane develops digital interface solutions to solve healthcare issues for both professionals and the public.

Personalized, Participative, Preventive and Predictive healthcare can only be achieved through the potential of computer and digital technology. That is the conviction of the health experts and engineers who work at La Valériane.

The story begins in 2008 with the launch of a rehabilitation service within a holiday healthcare village for disabled people or people weakened by illness. This project led to the creation of Accessible Holidays and Trips, which today provides safe getaways to more than 80 people every year who are disabled or in a weakened state of health.

After four years of research into the health issue of psychosocial risk, La Valériane released Balance Stress Health©. Since its commercial launch six years ago, .

In 2015, La Valériane introduced EMA-Care© to both the French and American markets, in order to respond to the need for a large-scale standardized assessment service for evaluating the care and support needs of elderly people for interdisciplinary case management. Since its launch, EMA-Care has received awards in both France and the United States for the best elderly care solution for the future. Its assessment matrix was evaluated in a clinical trial supervised by the Georgia Tech Research Institute in Atlanta. The results position EMA-Care as the most comprehensive and user-friendly tool for assessing and monitoring the needs of elderly people. This recognition its innovation in relation to the other existing tools on the market enabled us to obtain our first international patent within the digital health sector.

in residential care homes is another public health issue that we have invested a lot of our expertise into in order to develop an innovative prevention solution. Our objective is to create a digital tool that enables the user to develop a personalized prevention plan in less than one hour for each resident, while also complying with the standards and medical recommendations for multifactorial risk assessments. In collaboration with the geriatric team at CHU in Nîmes, we were able to complete development of Prev'Chutes EHPAD in 2016.
Prev’Chutes EHPAD is an innovative digital health tool that enables care homes to guarantee a better level of quality and safety in the care of their residents. The home version is planned for release in 2020.

Oral cancer treatments cost the French health insurance system 500 million euros in 2015. By 2030 they will account for 50% of all forms of cancer treatment, provided that significant improvements are made to compliance, monitoring, the safety of dispensation and the recovery of unused treatments.
Since 2016, in partnership with STIPLASTICS Healthcaring (pill dispenser specialists), our R&D teams began working on the development of digital tools for remotely monitoring oral treatments and ensuring safe dispensation of medication at home. The French general health service authority (DGOS) is currently carrying out a pilot study of the software for remotely monitoring and ensuring safe dispensation of treatments within the Paoli-Calmettes Institute and the Avignon-Provence Cancer Institute.
The remote management of cancer, nephrology, pediatric and pain management treatments is expected to be routinely rolled out for the first time .

In 2018, in partnership with the Inovie Biology Group (the 3rd largest private biology network in France), La Valériane formed the SY-Noris affiliate in order to provide healthcare networks with the essential technological interoperability building blocks and functionalities for implementing therapeutic e-Pathway solutions.
, the first solution, SY-Néphro, was rolled out to nephrology services in 5 different departments in France, for use with 10,000 patients.

And to take even more advantage of the future potential of digital healthcare, we are already working on digital solutions for predictive healthcare that will help us to better protect ourselves from serious illness. With a bit of patience, La Valériane is working with leading specialists to help create a future in medicine where illnesses will no longer lead to such a dramatic fate.

Roland Sicard – Founding President
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