As a renowned hospital Director for over 20 years, Roland Sicard gained extensive experience in handling daily administration and management operations to improve business operation and patient care.

He launched a dynamic e-health company called La Valeriane in 2011 which has been very successful at developing and providing sophisticated tools for people to maintain control over their own well-being.

In addition to its talented team of employees, many scientific partners and providers confirmed the expertise and quality of services provided by La Valeriane.
In 2014, EMA-Care was nominated for "Best National Innovation for professional care and home assistance”.

That same year, the Balance Stress Health application received the Innovation Award for its comprehensive and analytical approach at improving better quality of life at work.
New capital allowed La Valeriane to continue its dynamic growth and will be launching its third e-health application in the months to come.

In 2015, a successful launch in North America with the opening of LV Health Solutions Inc. takes the business to a new dimension by offering EMA-CARE and Balance Stress Health apps to the US and Canada.

They talk about us

The EMA-Care App has helped me develop a more positive outlook toward the aging process. By identifying problems, and creating the objectives and the plans for improving them, I have been able to make encouraging progress. After defining my vision problems on the EMA-Care App, I gained the confidence to speak to my doctors about them in a systematic manner. They found that many of my symptoms actually were correctible with surgery. That was unexpected good news!
A Resident at St George Village – CCRC

This App is very detailed about person’s care in a certain area. I like the ease to been able to just get on the App and adding or correcting things. I like the fact that it can be shared by other people on my team. All you have to do is log on, you don’t have to share handwritten document, with the App is so much easier because of the computer and we can share with family better too.
A Caregiver at Adult Day Of Dunwoody
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